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Ribbon is missing | How to call back | Mất thanh Ribbon menu trong AutoCAD | AutoLISP Reviewer

Someone can Reset autocad to the Default, but It’s not necessary.

Don't panic, I am here to help you in this situations!

Hi again, today, I will help you call back the Ribbon in some cases without resetting the AutoCAD.


Case 1: Ribbon is minimize


Case 2: Ribbon is closed

Simply run command Ribbon, everything will be back 


Case 3: Ribbon is opened, but there is nothing there. 

Follow these step to see my lovely Ribbon once more time 

Run command Menu Load

Press Browse to locate the default acad.cuix . By default, the acad.cuix is placed on the AppData folder, Roaming, AutoDesk, your autocad version, version number, language version, support folder

Folder location: %appdata%

And there is an acad.cuix file. Select and press Open. Then press the Load button. Close the dialog to Apply a new cuix file.

That ‘s all what we should do


Sometimes, you will be stuck in this situation. Please don’t be afraid of.

Thanks for watching!

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