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How to fix Error DCL loading in AutoCAD | Load lisp error fixing | Cach sua loi | AutoLisp Reviewer

DCL errors when launching or opening files in an AutoCAD Product:



When launching an AutoCAD-based product or opening a drawing file, the following multiple DCL related errors appear:

The following are possible causes of this issue:
The AutoCAD user support folder path is missing.
The support folders for the specific AutoCAD toolset are missing or incomplete.
Note: This can happen in cases where the Windows rights/permissions do not allow for the initial setup of those directories.

Try the following, based on the applicable scenario:
Add the missing support path
1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the following for the specific version of AutoCAD:
C:\Users\(user)\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\AutoCAD 20xx\Rxx.x\enu\Support

2. Click the location bar at the top of the folder window to highlight the path and then copy it Ctrl+C.

3. In AutoCAD, go to Options - Files - Support File Search Path. Click the Add button and paste Ctrl+V in the path.

4. Click OK on the Options window.

5. Exit and relaunch AutoCAD.

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